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Everything you need to manage, moderate, engage and monetize your community in one powerful app — iOS, Android and web with your brand appearance, under your name. 

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We help you save up to 90% of your hard-earned cash. No hidden fees, scalable plans, efficient community mojo, and all-in-one charm. We're committed to making community management accessible to all, without breaking the bank.

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✔ Multi Live-Stream

✔ Push notifications

App- in-app integration

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"Didn't know it was gonna be so easy to have a white labelled community with Scenes! Our community members are totally loving it. The engagement is crazy!"

Hanit Awal

Co-founder- CUR8

"Scenes has been a very safe and secure community platform for our users. Engagement-wise, it is nothing less than a social media powerhouse tailored for our private community. As for the Scenes team? They're tech ninjas—just a call away and any issue vanishes. These folks are next-level awesome."

Sneha Naik 

Community Marketing Manager - Squadstack

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Reward your members with virtual coins for their active participation, contributions, and interaction. Let healthy competition thrive with leaderboards showcasing top contributors. Members can also redeem their hard-earned coins for events, digital products, or premium courses.

App-in-App Integration

Why complicate your tech stack with another app when you can seamlessly embed your community within your existing one? Scenes offer a unique "app-in-app" feature that lets you integrate your community right into the existing app. It's the convenience you've been waiting for!